Automation Tech Support

Automation Tech Support is a full service tool engineering company that can completely design and build any type of assembly or production equipment for manufacturing. We have over 45 years' experience in designing and building simple fixtures to fully automated assembly machines.

Our machine & manufacturing shop is equipped to:

  • Design and build a complete turnkey manufacturing machine.
  • Work from your design to manufacture any machine.
  • Supply or modify the electrical or mechanical part of existing equipment.
Custom Manufacturing Automation

Full Service Manufacturing Automation

We can build automation and run your manufacturing line at our facility. Your fully automated machine can run production here at our facility while we monitor and control the quality of the product. We can then package it and ship to the end user or to your facility. We can assign operators to your production line should you have secondary or multiple operations to perform on the product.

Custom Machine Design

Custom Machines

  • Cost-Effective Assembly Design, Machine Modifications & Rebuilding
  • Low Volume Manual Assembly
  • Semi-Automated Assembly
  • High- Volume Fully Automated Assembly
Machine Rebuilding

Machine Design

  • Fully Engineered & Designed Custom State of the Art Equipment
  • Open Communication Engineer Design Review
  • Fully documented wiring diagrams and computer programs provided
Machine Rebuilding

CNC Machining

  • In-house State of the Art Machining Equipment
  • Convenient South Florida Location
  • Servicing local medical product firms, injection molders, assembly companies and more.